Organic Balloon Training 1 to 1

  • Are you interested in learning a new skill?
  • Do you have a creative eye?
  • Do you love all things balloon?

Well why not spend a day with me! learn a new skill and learn what it takes to run a successful balloon business. I have been trading from 2018 and am well known in the balloon world, with plenty of experience in running a highly profitable balloon business, I am the best person to learn from and discuss the tricks of the trade. I only wish I had someone like me when I first started my business, instead I paid for a 2 day course on balloon training that I never needed or used, it was such a waste of money but I didn’t know back then. I always wanted to do display work and that is my passion and where I have focused my business on.

What you get.

Whether you are starting out on your balloon journey or you just need help taking your display work to the next level, I am your woman. 1-1 training will give you the best transfer of knowledge completely bespoke to your level and requirements. Throughout the day we will create a display of your choice, learn how to tie balloons together, create custom colours, learn the difference between, satin, standard, jewel, chrome and metallic balloons. Dress your display with florals, I will answer any questions, and give real solid advice. Everything I didn’t get!

COST £600 (includes lunch)

You are worth the investment, it will be the best decision you will make”

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