Baby Shower

Bespoke Baby Shower balloon backdrops, all custom coloured and designed for you special celebration.

The Glitzy Balloon Company are here for all of your baby shower needs, we have plenty of props, and ideas for you!

Are you planning a baby shower or a gender reveal? whether it’s for yourself or a friend/family, I am hoping to give you guys some inspiration!

All the props above are owned by The Glitzy Balloon Company, the boards can be painted to suit the gender of the baby or alternatively the neutrals are a favourite.

Gorgeous Nudes

How pretty is this look? If you don’t want the obvious pink and blues, keep it nice and simple with this understated nude colour palette, it’s so pretty.

A completely different look to the first look but how dreamy is this, I teamed up with My Little Tea Party for this one, she created the chill out table, this can be changed for a luxe picnic if needed.

Balloon Wall

Alternatively, a balloon wall is a great photo backdrop for your baby shower pictures, it would also look gorgeous in the blue shades. How cool are the jumbo balloons too!

Gender Reveal

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